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Taichung 、Taichung city station、Fongyuan station

Since 1 January of Year 102, matters relating to traffic violations and fines adjudication in Taichung City have been transferred to the traffic adjudication office in Taichung City. Please visit that office for such matters.

Traffic Ticket Prosecution I received a violation ticket, but the vehicle was driven by someone else. Before the expiration date, please provide us with the following documents

  • The seals of the vehicle owner and driver.
  • Driver’s license of the driver.
  • The original copy of the violation ticket and photo evidence; after filling out all information, please hand it to the General Mail Office.
Traffic Violation Inquiry I have not received the traffic ticket yet. You sent me an adjudication notice.

Our Office provides the traffic fine inquiry if you have not received your traffic ticket. Help you to check the delivery date of the traffic ticket and the expiration date. Only our computer system provides for traffic violation inquiry.

If you have any doubt as to whether the traffic ticket was delivered, please file a written application (appeal), and we will consult the reporting authority and then respond to you by mail.

To facilitate the processing of your application, please provide the number of the issue license plate and traffic ticket or one copy of the adjudication notice. Moreover, you can pay a fine with your credit card.

Visitors: 562 Update Date: 109-03-24 Maintenance Unit: 企劃及裁罰科, Taichung Motor Vehicles Office