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Vision & Core Values

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Our Vision
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Ease
  • Economy
  • Kindness
Our Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Devotion
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Care
Organization Taichung Motor Vehicles Office

Taichung Motor Vehicles Office includes six sections (Vehicle Management Section, Driver's Licenses Section, Transportation Management Section, Planning and Vehicle Penalty Section, Traffic Safety Section and Motor Vehicle Information Section), four offices (Secretariat, Personnel, Accounting, Civil Service Ethics), four stations (Taichung city station, Fongyuan station, Changhua station, Nantou station), one substation (Puli substation), and two Committees (Changhua Traffic Accident Investigation Committee and Nantou Traffic Accident Investigation Committee).

Our Relevant Authorized Affairs
  • Director:Administer affairs of the office
  • Deputy Director :Assist Director in charge of affairs
  • Vehicle Management Section:Manage Motor Vehicle affairs
  • Driver's Licenses Section:Manage Driver's Licenses affairs
  • Transportation Management Section:Manage Transportation affairs
  • Planning and Vehicle Penalty Section:Deal with Vehicle Fuel Fee, Highway Law Violation Compulsory and Automobile Liability Insurance Violation Fine affairs
  • Traffic Safety Section:Deal with Traffic Safety affairs
  • Motor Vehicle Information Section:Data processing and Maintaining
  • Accounting Office:Deal with Accounting and Statistics
  • Personnel Office:Deal with Personnel affairs
  • Secretariat Office:Deal with common affairs
  • Civil Service Ethics Office:Deal with personnel morality affairs
The following explains Taichung city 、Fongyuan 、Changhua Motor Vehicle Station and Nantou Motor Vehicle Station including: 5 sections (First Section, Second Licenses Section, Third Section, Fourth Section, Fifth Section) . Our relevant authorized affairs
First Section
  • New license registration and new license plate pick-up
  • Motor vehicle inspection
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Alterations or changes to vehicle registration
  • Replacement of lost or damaged license plates
  • Re-issuance (renewal) of motor licenses, license plate registration forms
  • Application for the suspension, resumption, or disposal of a licensed vehicle
  • Cancellation of vehicle plates
  • Vehicle loan registration and cancellation
  • Application for license plates for large, individually-used trucks
  • The collection and means of payment of the Vehicle Fuel Fee
  • Refund for double or excess payments of the Vehicle Fuel Fee
  • Reissuing payment bills for the Vehicle License Tax
  • Application for the refunding of double or excess payments of the Vehicle License Tax
  • Enforcement of Article 28 of the Vehicle License Tax
Second Section
  • Driving test and issuance of driver’s licenses
  • Application for a learner’s permit
  • Replacement of a driver’s license
  • Exchanging a military driver’s license for general driver’s license
  • Exchanging a professional driver’s license for/from a general driver’s license
  • Exchanging a foreign driver’s license for an R.O.C. driver’s license
  • Issuance of international driver’s licenses
  • Verification of foreign driver’s licenses
  • Validation and registration of professional driver’s licenses
  • Change of driver’s license registration
  • Application for evidence of a clean driving record
  • Traffic safety lecture
  • Motor vehicle repair technician license test
  • Management of driver training schools
Third Section

Governing the establishment, registration, and business management of the following land transportation carriers:

  • Highway Bus Companies
  • Tour Bus Companies
  • Taxi Companies (Changhua areas)
  • Car Rental Services
  • Light Truck Rental Services
  • Freight Carriers
  • Route Freight Carriers
  • Container Freight Carriers
Fourth Section
  • Traffic violation assessment
  • Highway violation assessment
  • Violation of the requirement to hold automobile liability insurance─penalty and assessment
  • Queries and motions for objections, administrative appeals, or the use of the code of administrative procedure
Fifth Section
  • Financial records, accounting, tabulation
  • Human resource affairs
  • Administrative ethic issues
  • Documentation, seals, file keeping, cashier, general administration, property management, other miscellaneous affairs.
Puli Motor Vehicle sub-station

This sub-station is at the town basin surrounded by mountains, the geographic center of Taiwan, Nantou County, central living north, east and northeast of Renai Township, south of the village pond, west and northwest of the county surname township

Our relevant authorized affairs
  • Substation Chief
  • Vehicle、Driver、Taxes Integrated Services
  • International Driving License
  • Learner Permit Application
  • Violation Adjudication
  • New Vehicle License Plates
  • Driving Test Application Counter.
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